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Unify assets and operational information into a single manufacturer agnostic platform and open your world to new heightened levels of understanding.

The Sentinll platform utilises open protocol technology to collect, analyse and leverage data from every area of your operation from single spaces through to complex portfolios. Easily harvest, visualize, understand and autonomously action both real time and historic digital data across entire estates from a single operator pane.

Allow your facilities to become truly smart so they begin to think and act for themselves. Turn digitized data from multiple buildings along with associated occupants into simple business decisions which can easily be identified via comprehensive cross portfolio reporting functionality native to Sentinll.


Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Environmental and Comfort conditions

Lighting and Shading Systems

Fire Alarm and Smoke Systems

Security and Access Control Systems

Water & Gas Leak Detection Systems

Energy Monitoring Systems

Weather Monitoring

CAFM Systems

IOT devices and systems


Sentinll is delivered by a network of fully trained and accredited partners. For more information, contact the Swarm Neuro team who will be happy to provide contact information for your nearest specialist.

During development system security was always considered paramount by complying with industry best practice. Sentinll runs entirely behind a private network whilst communicating over HTTPS. Access is via JSON based tokens for authentication via an advanced API gateway ensuring only authorised access is permitted. Password strength is maintained by Sentinll’s built in validation system to prevent weak passwords from being set by users; Ninety-day change policies are implemented to ensure that regular password updates are applied during which any repeat passwords will be rejected by the system. Sentinll’s engineering and gateway tools utilise Advanced Encryption Services (AES) and asymmetric cryptography by way of RSA 2048 encryption which meet the highest of standards with respect to both online and offline system security. Multi-factor authentication also guarantees that system security is taken to a level that is considered next generation.

Time for mobilistaion will always be dependent upon the size and complexity of the facility in question; Typical deployment times for an avaergaed size building would be 1 to 2 days from order to operational deployment.

This is a simple process- open the query engine on the server interface and use the simple-to navigate drag and drop environment to create new custom rules and save them for use on any of your connected sites enabling custom operational strategy to be implemented without changes to the site BEMS.

Of course Sentinll’s partner network can provide you with selected hardware that has been pre-configured but this is certainly not a must and the definitive answer to this is No, this is in fact one of Sentinlls true USPs. Simply select a smart device or your own preference and load the Sentinll Smart Application and you are ready to go.

In reality there is no ongoing requirement to monitor the system in a conventional manner. Sentinll’s native query engine will deal with the day to day issues and the notification centre will alert users to any anomalies that may have occurred that require subsequent attention.

This really is the 64 million dollar question and it will depend largely on the requirements and speed of operation. Sentinll ships with a dedicated data allowance but this will not always be suitable to meet requirments where large sites have to be monitored at high speed and therefore under these cicumstances additional data plans may be required.

To keep it brief: As far as Swarm Neuro are concerned whoever pays the bill will own the data. Actual ownership will typically be an agreement between the selected Sentinll specialist and the building owner/operator.

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