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The Sentinll Journey

A number of years ago the now key members of Swarm Neuro Limited begun what was little more than a conversation about the future of building automation. Being from different yet coliding industries we felt that the overall ideals from each distinct skill set would be very relevant yet perhaps in major contradicition - How little did we know at the time? Each of the then team members were tasked with documenting their respective visions of how the industry would perhaps evolve over the coming years. When comparisons were tabled, the overall vision of requirements were remarkably similar. There was always going to be differences due to the amalgamation of specialists from the IT and Building Automation Industries but not as many as was initially envisaged. The key points that each and every member of the team agreed on was that Sentinll had to use off the shelf technology, offer simple cost effective implementation and perhaps most importantly provide clients with best practice Cyber Security. In short the journey had begun and Sentinll has subsequently evolved into a system that now has the potential to challenge what perhaps has been seen as the very best out there until now.

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Sentinll was a Journey and not a destination

To plagerise the words of a very wise man called Raplh Waldow Emmerson who claimed that life was a journey and not a destination somehow seems very appropriate in this instance.

Initially, we as a team had no concept of exactly what this meant but through the process of creating Sentinll we have come to understand exactly what this means. Our now understanding of this phrase is that much like life our journey in developing Sentinll was not to be rushed and should in fact be savoured. Yes, the destination in our case was always going to be paramount but the journey was to give many experiences from, at times a humbling feeling due to failure, right through to the elation of success. Each of the feelings experienced along the way only led to a determination that will stay with the team for a very long time and maybe we just have to consider it as a life lesson that has changed us all. After all if the great man himself, Mr Steve Jobs felt that the Journey was the reward, then there definitely had to be something in it and now each and everyone of our team understand the relevance of this statement.


An overview of the
Sentinll Team.


Sentinll’s key members of a staff are made up of a combination of industry professionals from both the Building Automation world as well as the IT industry. The team’s collective experience in each discipline spans circa 100 years of industry experience. The combination of these skills sets have proved to offer ground breaking, new and revolutionary technology. The Journey began with no more than a conceptual platform that has since been realised to provide what can only be described as a quality, cutting-edge product. Moving forward to 2020 and beyond, Swarm Nero Ltd promises to continue to provide state of art technology within the Smart Building arena and perhaps most importantly to provide it at a cost point that will encourage implementation across all building types and sizes. Swarm Neuro Ltd has recognised that technology is moving at an unprecedented pace and and although the Internet of Things (IOT) era is in its infancy, it is undoubtedly going to provide a means of offering functionality that will continue to push boundaries for the forseeable future. Swarm Neuro Ltd will be striving to ensure that Sentinll continues to evolve through the coming years with increased plug and play integration capabilities for IOT devices as well as 3rd party applications.

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