System Features

Our Features

  • Connectivity to legacy and new Building management systems as well as modern IOT and 2rd Party solutions via APIs

    Irrespective of whether your requirement is to connect to a modern or legacy BEMS or even Smart IoT devices, Sentinll has a solution to merge cross manufacturer systems providing a uniform, holistic view of connected assets.

  • Open gateway technology via standard smart devices

    No more expensive proprietary gateways! Take a modern, off the shelf smart device of your choice and load Sentinll’s smart gateway application and users are provided with a state of the art site based secure gateway. Simply add a network URL and the device is ready to go!

  • Data visualistion via Liquid graphics

    Once simple site mapping is completed, data points are made available for visualisation, utilising near real time liquid graphic widgets from multiple connected sites via a single viewing pane. Add data from either single or multiple connected sites and implement near real time analytics with unrivalled simplicity.

  • User configurable rules an query engine

    Site rules and queries can be generated utilising a simple, drop-down box environment. Use either Sentinlls pre-cofigured rules or simply create your own more suited to any associated facility offering a level of user simplicity, flexibility and automation not previously considered possible.

  • Real time Alarms and notifications

    No more wasted time staring at building automation system screens, let Sentinll keep you informed of current site statuses and anomlaies, use site based rules and queries to create custom notifications for building operators and occupants, send emails to chosen addresses, initiate graph plots and raise structured alarms. Let Sentinll do the hard work for you.

  • Near real time analytics

    System flexibility and speed offers users the ability to initiate near real time analytics associated with any mapped data points, from temperature anomalies through to critical alarms and information, Sentinlls built in data rationalistion and aggregation will provide consistant cost effective operation even for the most demanding applications.

  • Cloud or Site based solution

    Whilst Sentinll has been predominantly designed as a cloud based system, we recognise that there will be certain applications where a site based system is specified. Sentinll can be configured to operate in either circumstance providing additional benefits over cloud only based systems.

  • Remote connectivity

    Initial site connections and mapping must be completed local to any associated site but once completed and security principles have been established subsequent modifications to site mapping and data aggregation can be completed from remote locations via a secure log on to the Sentinll server.

  • Site Reporting

    Create and run cross site operational and performance reports against selected data points and sets which can be generated at the touch of a button on the server interface.

  • Simple configuration via Drag and Drop

    The Sentinll team have done the hard work up front so for you there is no rocket science required: Just connect to the site with Sentinll’s Engineering tools and simply drag and drop data objects into a pre-configured container tree making each selected object available for use within Sentinll’s state of the art Server dashboard environment. Tagging can be completed utilising Sentinlls standard container-naming conventions or alternatively both bespoke and convention-based nomenclature can be implemented. It is a simple choice.

  • Manufacturer Agnostic Strategy Engine

    Leverage data from multiple manufacturers systems simultaneously and create overarching control strategy across hybrid direct digital control systems. Sentinll’s Manufacturer Agnostic Strategy Engine enables levels of interoprerability never seen before.